Transparency Guidelines

Transparency Guidelines

Transparency guidelines are under preparation.

Internal Reporting of Illicit Conduct

Illicit Conduct Reports Contact Point

RIVERFIELD Management Division Illicit Conduct Reports Office

  • Permissible reports include
    ①reports on illicit usage of research funds (fund diversion for personal usage, fund usage for any purpose other than the originally intended purpose(s), etc.) and
    ②illicit activities in general relating to research activities (research data fabrication, tampering, theft, etc.).
    Because we may ask that reporting persons cooperate in actual investigations, may convey investigation results to the reporting person, and so forth, reporting persons are requested to provide their name and contact information to the greatest extent possible. (Anonymous reports are also accepted.)
    Please note that, should a report of illicit/illegal activity be made to relevant authorities, any personal information provided by the reporting person (including e-mail address) will be used only for the above-stated purposes and no other purpose.